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Catching Domains for you

Everytime you have a business idea and think I'll just register that domain for a website, you may well find 80%+ of the time it's been registered already. So you can go and try name variations to find the domain you can register or buy the domain you want or wait until it expires and not renewed ("dropped") and then register it.

The chances of you registering a quality domain that has just dropped is slim. There over 50 organizations that will regularly try to register premuim domains and they have the advantage of bespoke software that checks upto every 5th of a second from when it is expected to become available to register, so it is nearly impossible to beat that!

That is why we are here, we hope to help you catch the expiring domain that you want. We have a good track record of capturing some great domains, see list. We use bespoke software that allows us to check and register the expiring .uk domains you are after, register it in your name and transfer it to a registrar of your choice.

Price is £25 + VAT at 20% total £30 per domain caught and includes the following;

  • Catching the .uk Domain
  • Domain Registration fee for 2 years
  • Domain Registered in your choosen name
  • Free transfer to your Registrar
  • Fee is ONLY payable after the domain is Caught

Please note it is first come first served basis for any domain and that all pure 3 letter expiring domains are already registered for capturing, so please don't ask us to register them for you. We do not increase our price for quality domains or create an auction between interested parties, as some capture companies do. Simply the price you see is the price you pay.

If you want us to "catch" a domain or domains for you or have any questions please use contact us page to send us a message.

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