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Catch .uk domains for you

We capture .uk (, and domains on your behalf. Simply let us know which domains you want to capture when they expire and we will do our best to catch them for you.

Please note we work on a first come first served basis, and all pure 3 letter domains are already on our expiring list.

The fee to capture a domain is £30 (£25 + VAT) but it is only payable after the domain is captured. The fee includes your first 2 years registration.

So send us your list of .uk domains you want us to capture for you.

Catch .eu Domains

We are currently working on a system to capture .eu domains, so if that's what you want please pre-register your interest.

Alert System to avoid expiring .uk domains

We are able to monitior your .uk domains and act as security that they don't accidentally expire. We monitior your domains and contact you if they are going to expire and remind you until you do renew them. This service cost from only £5 per domain pa (+ VAT), please contact us for further details and advise how many domains you want monitoring.

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